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Attention for anyone passing. we are going under construction so keep your eyes and ears peeled in the new year for something spectacular! – Delilah, Darwin & Pang p.s Ou est la discotheque??


Its got to go on sooner or later…. Pang

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You know It’s Bad…

When your boss is making you post replica clothing on ebay…

Poor Young Graduate 2

Making mild poverty bearable. Housing: Ok, if you find yourself homeless at the end of your degree and really can’t face going to live with your parents I have a couple of ideas that may help you.  *( I do realise this years graduates have been in the bad wide world of a number of … Continue reading

Poor young graduate 1

OK. So I have recently graduated. All you other recent and past graduates will remember the feeling when your at the peak of your degree; your final project, exhibition, essay where you have poured your heart and soul in to it and have fully convinced yourself that when you leave uni people will be fighting … Continue reading

Tabbies tips

We love collecting little tit bits and tips, they seem so fun for some reason. So we have decided to create our own little section dedicated to such things! So this is the place to find tips we like covering many of our favorite ares including; Fashion, Food, DIY, Beauty and any thing else we … Continue reading