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True to my word…

I visited the christmas markets, and cooked some delicious food. I also completed a piece of uni work which got such a good crit I’m willing to share on here once I have it back ūüôā . ¬†The previous Gandhi reference will all be revealed soon…   But lets start with a lovely festive surprise … Continue reading

It’s officially Christmas season when …

Camilla Parker¬†Bowles turns on your Christmas lights.   Remember when I went off to look at all the Illuminate Festival happenings? Well the most exciting part was when I managed to eat a whole Sugared Donut without Licking my Lips ! (Please excuse my square face) Basically the first part of the festival we went … Continue reading

One Gandhi post coming soon…

In the mean time watch this ! P.S Sorry I have been away for so long, I have been busy with uni work and impressing the teachers. Sadly I’m not cool enough to have crazy party excuses !! Delilah xo  


We all have a¬†voyeuristic side. I like to use the word voyeurism as it sounds more romantic than nosey. I am a self confessed lifestyle nosey parker; i love¬†sneaking¬†peeks in to how other people live, how they arrange their furniture, which items they choose to display and how creative other people are within their homes, … Continue reading