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Tuesday blues

  Looking through my weekly collection of inspirational images i collect i noticed i seem to be in to these blue hues… (stupidly i don’t note where i save the images from as they are usually for my personal enjoyment however im pretty sure i found most of them on If you see any … Continue reading


Well… This post contains 2 of my favotire things; Brunch and paper. Not really related in general life but oh well… My love of brunch really doesn’t need to be explained (one of the reasons i love where i live is that it is probably brunch capital of London). My love of paper started to … Continue reading

My kind of advent

I mention advent as Christmas is fast approaching and I am mentioning it in relevance to an advent calendar. That old tradition of opening a new door every day of December until we reach the fateful day. NOWNESS I have realised is my cultural ‘advent’ calender for the whole year. Each day NOWNESS showcases and introduces new ideas, designers, photographers, artists…. Each … Continue reading

Wasabi Rice Noodles

Recipe from Gizzi again – I do love her book i have to confess, I’m not usually one for following recipes but hers always seem to turn out so well! The other day while waiting for my bf i had a little wonder around whole foods and ended up buying some black rice noodles, amongst some other … Continue reading

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Recipe from Gizzi Erskine Rosemary infused and salted caramel millionaires shortbread. *this recipe doesn’t actually use eggs, I just bought some lovely looking duck eggs from wholefoods and wanted to include them

Let them eat cake!

I have a slight obsession with food, not excessively and i am no expert however i just quite enjoy the whole subject and process of creation. Last weekend i bought some reduced raspberries and decided to use them in a cake way; however lack of ingredients left me stumped so i opted for a classic … Continue reading