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ONE. *due to some personal involvement this may be slightly biased but you know what? sod it…its amazing.   Future Shorts One is a film fesival like no other; taking place in 50 cities in 12 countries on just 1 night bringing people from all over the world together with the power of film. Decembers … Continue reading

One Gandhi post coming soon…

In the mean time watch this ! P.S Sorry I have been away for so long, I have been busy with uni work and impressing the teachers. Sadly I’m not cool enough to have crazy party excuses !! Delilah xo  

Magic’s Wand

So i’m going to post some music every week. Heres one to get the party started! my favourite bit is when the camera zooms out of the ladys bottom….   Pang

Black Swan

I’m not sure there has ever been a film released that I’ve counted down the days for. But there’s a first for everything and what better a first than Darren Aronosky’s Black Swan. I can’t even think about it without getting giddy and watching the trailer has become some sort of porn for me. What’s more … Continue reading

My kind of advent

I mention advent as Christmas is fast approaching and I am mentioning it in relevance to an advent calendar. That old tradition of opening a new door every day of December until we reach the fateful day. NOWNESS I have realised is my cultural ‘advent’ calender for the whole year. Each day NOWNESS showcases and introduces new ideas, designers, photographers, artists…. Each … Continue reading