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Tuesday blues

  Looking through my weekly collection of inspirational images i collect i noticed i seem to be in to these blue hues… (stupidly i don’t note where i save the images from as they are usually for my personal enjoyment however im pretty sure i found most of them on If you see any … Continue reading


Well… This post contains 2 of my favotire things; Brunch and paper. Not really related in general life but oh well… My love of brunch really doesn’t need to be explained (one of the reasons i love where i live is that it is probably brunch capital of London). My love of paper started to … Continue reading

My kind of advent

I mention advent as Christmas is fast approaching and I am mentioning it in relevance to an advent calendar. That old tradition of opening a new door every day of December until we reach the fateful day. NOWNESS I have realised is my cultural ‘advent’ calender for the whole year. Each day NOWNESS showcases and introduces new ideas, designers, photographers, artists…. Each … Continue reading


I think these are just perfect. The colour palette is just beautiful and I love how Tim Gutt has portrayed the star signs without being unbearably obvious. Each image could stand alone and still make sense without the others to give it context.   (Visit see all the pages.  These were just a few … Continue reading

Featuring: STACK

STACK is one of my new favourite things. For someone as indecisive as me when it comes to choosing magazines i suffer, add to this limited funds (which only really allow me 1 at a time) and this decision becomes unbearable and a lot of the time I leave empty handed and frustrated. However help … Continue reading

Did you Maclean your teeth today?

Visiting carboot sales is one of our favorite past times; I managed to pick up a couple of issues of Illustrated circa 1950. Lovely magazine with fantastic adverts and pretty interesting articles, my favorite being an interview with Matisse. I loved the fact that when i took them home and showed my grandma she became … Continue reading

Illustrated 1950