*due to some personal involvement this may be slightly biased but you know what? sod it…its amazing.


Future Shorts One is a film fesival like no other; taking place in 50 cities in 12 countries on just 1 night bringing people from all over the world together with the power of film.

Decembers theme was packages and the art department pulled this off seamlessly.

On entry you are greeted by 1920’s dressed post men and women who encourage you to write a letter  and post in the cardboard post box (these were later handed out to so everyone recieved a letter from a stranger). There is then time to explore the wonderfully created ‘installations’. These included a giant glowing parcel which invites you to leave your mark on the outside and to take a seat inside with cushions and fairy lights.
Dotted around the venue (which was the beautiful Battersea Arts Centre) were groups of parcels displaying interactive boxes to delight your senses, basically those ‘feely boxes’ you either loved or hated as a child.

Pre-film entertainment consisted of the amazing crazy Orchestra Elastique who captured the attention of everyone in the room. Mulled wine and sweets were available for nibbles along with the quirky popcorn flavours from Love da Pop (i might have tried all 3 flavours which were, white chocolate, caramel and salt’n’pepper…delicious!)

The short films were played and as always the selection was exceptional bringing many laughs from the audience. There were also two incredible live performances from Paper Cinema (please watch this to understand the full impact of what they can do!)  The night then ended on a high with a performance from the talented Michael Wooky and his enchanting vintage instraments.

All in all a wonderful event and i cant wait for the next one, keep your eyes peeled and follow them on facebook to keep updated!

All photos that follow were taken by Mikemike and borrowed from Future Shorts Facebook.

One of the sense boxes

Orchestra Elastique

Paper Cinema



– Darwin


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