True to my word…

I visited the christmas markets, and cooked some delicious food. I also completed a piece of uni work which got such a good crit I’m willing to share on here once I have it back 🙂 .  The previous Gandhi reference will all be revealed soon…


But lets start with a lovely festive surprise or two. I checked my mail box today and found 2 christmas cards ! 🙂 One from my mama which doubles as an advent calender (Thanks ma) and one from the kids in flat AG01 ! Whom I don’t know. They had posted everyone in our block of flats a Christmas card which I thought was such a nice idea, really friendly. So being a big geek and having too much spare time I made one to send back. What do you think?

Happy Holidays AG01


So I visited the Christmas markets and to no surprise it was full of over priced home made crap which you could make yourself for a fraction of the cost. And over priced food and mulled wine. Me? A winey-penny-pinching scrooge? Never ! There was one good stall. Not that I’m biased or anything seeing as the owner of which was my art foundation tutor who names me and my boyfriend as her “Star Pupils” (I’m hoping this is coming across as more proud than arrogant!) Anyway she is a designer and I really do like her work. She also gave me a sneaky wall planner which I’d been eyeing up. £10’s a pretty decent price but £0 was even better. Thanks Nicky 😉 Click Sassy Missy to visit her website. You won’t regret it !


Sassy Missy Wall Planner 2011 by Nicky Snow

Isn’t ‘sassy’ such a good word?
I need to start posting more often so as to stop bombarding you all with mega posts !  On that note I’ll save the food for another day.

Peace and Love, Delilah xo


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