My Wears…

Having studied an intense year of fashion design before graduating from fashion forecasting my life has always been pretty fashion focused. I have always been inspired by street style and can remember my delight when i came across Hel-Looks and the Face hunter many years ago (along with Susie at StyleBubble these were the first fashion blogs I discovered).

Things have changed and progressed a lot since these days and the internet is flooded with street-style blogs and web-sites also the majority of fashion blogs are about what the author wears and how they wear it.

As i mentioned before i graduated from fashion forecasting and so such places are extremely valuable and prove a great source for inspiration, however there is also a flip side and at times feel suffocated by the repetitiveness that I  see.

Anyway i am also partial to a bit of self documentation of my outfits like so many others. Although have never managed to do it as well as most  (lack in a good camera, good light, someone to take my picture and time to do it) so i have decided to portray what i am wearing in a flatter way. collage. I am hoping to experiment a bit more with this but i am at work so have to be quick (hehehehe)

so here is what i am wearing today:

(Alexander Wang thermal vest, Silence & Noise Tee,  Zara pegleg trousers rolled up, Urbanoutfitters floral socks, Wool breton style jumper from ebay, Hobbs desert boots.)

Love the winter where i can wear many layers! What you cant see is i am also wearing tights, another pair of socks and a huge woolly cardigan that doubles as a coat.

I just had a quick peek at Hel-Looks and have picked out a few I really love. The uses of colour in the following 3 are lovely!




– Darwin

One Response to “My Wears…”
  1. kirsty says:

    love the trousers x

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