It’s officially Christmas season when …

Camilla Parker Bowles turns on your Christmas lights.


Remember when I went off to look at all the Illuminate Festival happenings? Well the most exciting part was when I managed to eat a whole Sugared Donut without Licking my Lips !

Delilah 1: Donut Nill

(Please excuse my square face)
Basically the first part of the festival we went to see was all the lanterns made at the lantern work shops over the 2 weeks, illuminated and exhibited. They were exhibited but not illuminated and so high up I couldn’t see them !! Then the next one we went to didn’t even work and it was so tragic I can’t be bothered even explaining what it was supposed to do !

BUT! When we went off to see Camilla and the Christmas lights (Sounds like a band !) on the way we saw that the lanterns had all finally been illuminated. Everyone was walking really fast because it was cold but here are the snaps of them I got.

Aren’t they fun? worth the wait !

This week I plan to visit the Christmas Markets, cook some delicious food to share with you, share my latest book finds with you and maybe even post some of my work up here. So stay tuned !

P.s here are some cool nails i did following my favourite bloggers tutorial. Click the image to find Gem Fatale in all her cat loving glory !


Delilah xo




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