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It’s officially Christmas season when …

Camilla Parker Bowles turns on your Christmas lights.   Remember when I went off to look at all the Illuminate Festival happenings? Well the most exciting part was when I managed to eat a whole Sugared Donut without Licking my Lips ! (Please excuse my square face) Basically the first part of the festival we went … Continue reading

Damon Sweet-cheeks Alban

I have a cool Dad who brought me up on Nirvana and RHCP and Radiohead and the likes and one band that has always been a firm favourite in my life is Blur. The main reason being Damon Albarn. I’m going to keep this short and sweet because honestly I could ramble for hours. Just … Continue reading

One Gandhi post coming soon…

In the mean time watch this ! P.S Sorry I have been away for so long, I have been busy with uni work and impressing the teachers. Sadly I’m not cool enough to have crazy party excuses !! Delilah xo  

Magic’s Wand

So i’m going to post some music every week. Heres one to get the party started! my favourite bit is when the camera zooms out of the ladys bottom….   Pang

Tuesday blues

  Looking through my weekly collection of inspirational images i collect i noticed i seem to be in to these blue hues… (stupidly i don’t note where i save the images from as they are usually for my personal enjoyment however im pretty sure i found most of them on If you see any … Continue reading


We all have a voyeuristic side. I like to use the word voyeurism as it sounds more romantic than nosey. I am a self confessed lifestyle nosey parker; i love sneaking peeks in to how other people live, how they arrange their furniture, which items they choose to display and how creative other people are within their homes, … Continue reading


Well… This post contains 2 of my favotire things; Brunch and paper. Not really related in general life but oh well… My love of brunch really doesn’t need to be explained (one of the reasons i love where i live is that it is probably brunch capital of London). My love of paper started to … Continue reading

Black Swan

I’m not sure there has ever been a film released that I’ve counted down the days for. But there’s a first for everything and what better a first than Darren Aronosky’s Black Swan. I can’t even think about it without getting giddy and watching the trailer has become some sort of porn for me. What’s more … Continue reading

Tip tap type …

A classmate told me she had bought an old typewriter today from a charity shop and it reminded me of this lovely lady A] I love her portraits. They look ace but when you get close up you can see they made up of gibberish typing. Like a secret waiting to be deciphered. B] I think it’s so … Continue reading